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Visual Vitriol: The Art of Punk

This is the Willamette Valley Film Collective's 2007 entry in the International Documentary Challenge. Our genre was "art," and the film features David Ensminger's "Bop Apocalypse to Blitzkrieg Bop" exhibit at Wester Oregon University's Hamersly Library. The exhibit is a collection of punk art, mostly concert fliers, but also magazines, album and cd covers, zines, etc.The sequence after the title was inserted to meet the "time stamp" requirement of the IDC, that is, we needed something to prove we made the film within the required five day period. The IDC has generally frowned on posting works from the event online, but recently eased up for 2008. I am assuming a certain retroactivity to that loosening by posting this, and, in any event, it wouldn't be very punk to just follow instructions, eh?The film was edited to match the cut-and-paste aesthetic of the art. So, shots are in different aspect ratios, some are black-and-white, some are digital stills or digitzed versions of the posters. And, yes, the muscial interludes are at a higher volume than the spoken audio. This is not a "mistake;" it is by design. 

Run time 00:06:45


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